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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Breathing chandelier

Goodnite is an array of inflatable pills that slowly inflates and deflates. Each pill is lit from inside, just enough to be visible on the dark ceiling. This kinetic sculpture can be used as a dimensional screen for video projections.

Event: Yuri's Night
Venue: Hanger 211, NASA Ames Research Center
Address: Moffett Field, CA
Date: 20070413

Dimensions inflated (feet): 35 x 35 x 18
Dimensions deflated (feet): 12 x 12 x 20
Material: 4 mil white polyethylene, orange LEDs, fan
Power requirements: One dedicated 120v/15A circuit (ceiling outlet).
Assembly: 12 hours, 4 persons
Presentation method: hanging
Requirements: lift/crane to reach ceiling/beam
Set-up: 12 hours, 4 persons
Break-down: 3 hours, 2 persons

AKAirways is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of artistic endeavor through the collaborative process by which installations are conceived and produced, and the interactive way in which its work is experienced. In its approach to art, AKAirways strives to foster the largest possible audience while simplifying and conforming to an environment; works are intentionally conceived to not be invasive to surroundings, but to cause a reevaluation of the landscape by the viewer and create positive visual tension. Ideally, art should change the appearance of its surroundings and create a more visually rich and distinctive view of the space. This inclusiveness changes an everyday experience into a dynamic, enjoyable, enriching act of reflection. As Yuri's Night is committed to bridging national, cultural, genera tional and social barriers, AKAirways is not limited by geography or other boundaries in its audience, collaborators and installation sites. It is our belief that AKAirways works can go anywhere, are universally accessible, and have meaning to each individual who views, interacts with or assists in the development of installations.

AKAirways' philosophy is closely related to the Yuri's Night Bay Area theme in its dedication to leaving a minimum environmental impact; individual works and installations are designed to be minimally invasive to surroundings with a limited amount of resources. Moreover, the collaborative nature of the event is consistent with previous AKAirways installations: works are installed with the intent of interacting with or complementing other works, in particular, live music, visual displays, and performance art. Many past works embodying these traits can be seen at www.akairways.com, along with commentary by Koenig and links to projects with a similar approach to the creative visual realm. The Yuri's Night event is of parti cular interest to AKAirways, as projects and research by NASA have long been an inspiration to AKAirways; links to several NASA endeavors are also in the "related projects" section on the first page of AKAirways.com:
- Inflatable Concentrators
- Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility
- Tumbleweed
Today, the visual and scientific realms are closely related, and the frontier between the two can be investigated and enjoyed through the creation of inflatable installations.

AKAirways has achieved extraordinary results in the brief five-year period in which it has existed, installing unique, often site-specific, works in such disparate locations as Antarctica, Shanghai, Lille, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, and New York City. Its creative yet practical approach to art and design and interest in the exploration of temporal and spatial boundaries makes it an ideal candidate to create a work or works to be integrated into Yuri's Night. After reviewing the call for proposals, Koenig has created a sketch for an inflatable installation, Goodnite, which accompanies this proposal. Building on the technology and aesthetic of earlier works, this concept engages viewers from infinite angles, evok es the horizons challenged by Gagarin, and shares a characteristic of space exploration and space itself--an affinity for a dynamic landscape defined by motion and light.

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