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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Mothership for Disorient

Event: Burning Man New York Decompression Party
Venue: Lunatarium (DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York)
Date: 20021123

Surface (square feet): 3025
Overall dimensions (feet): 55 x 55
Material: 4 mil white opaque plastic
Assembly time: 12 hours, 4 persons
Fans volume flow rate (CFM): 9000
Rewind X-Dream 8.9 MB

The Mothership is located on the south side of the Lunatarium. It is a big chill out space that will include an inside court and 8 interconnected chambers. 7 of those chambers are build around columns and 1 is build below an iron "spider" sculptures (it is there already and cannot be moved) which will be totally incorporated in the Mothership. It will look like an alien creature grabbing a corner chamber of the Mothership, very ill...

Shelves made of cardboard and attached to the columns are used to constrict the bubble at the top of each chamber. A similar shelf made of wood can be used on the central column to hold the projectors and the strobe lights.

1. The inside court will hold powerful strobe lights (attached on the shelf on the central column) that could blast for a minute every 15 minutes. Smoke could come out from this inside court, over the Mothership, making the entire installation yet more dramatic.
2. Use the floating bubble hanging from the central column as a reflector for the strobe lights.

1. The bubble is positioned in a way that makes projection from the mezzanine of the Lunatarium easy. There could be a couple of projectors up there shooting at the bubble.
2. We could be hang projectors (4 would be great) from the shelf on the central column shooting at the court side of 4 chambers. The projections would only be visible from inside the bubble which would be another incentive to be/stay there.
3. Cover the floating bubble with heavily branded projection.

A comfortable sitting area is organized around the central column of each chamber. It is made of a big disk of foam (around 6 feet in diameter) cut in the center and on its radius so it can easily be placed on the floor around the column. A piece of foam is also wrapped around the bottom of the column so it is comfortable for people's backs.

Chamber activities:
Each chamber could have its own theme. Here are some suggestions: massage chamber (Ishkabibble), furry chamber (Ian Rhett), Frank's chamber (Frank), black light chamber (Ben), kissing chamber (who gets this one?), etc. Chamber decoration is strongly encouraged. The walls of each chamber can be painted and the column can be used as a billboard to hang or stick stuff to such as Disorient propaganda. Would be nice to have a little give-away for each theme.

This is the Mothership and the children are invited to paint the walls!

Floating bubble:


First Inflation:

Thank you Nicholas, Orion, Josh and especially Nathan for your help assembling the Mothership.

Inside during the party:

Black Light Chamber during the party:


Lessons learned:
- need fan power redundancy;
- more fans;
- qualify the air flow, make it part of the installation.


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