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0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

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1023 RRC Show, NJ
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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Chamber of Her Brightest Secrets

Event: Burning Man Festival 2003
Venue: Black Rock City, Nevada
Date: 20030825 - 20030901

An inflatable structure surrounded by scaffolding is used as reflector for the bright strobe lights installed inside. At night from the outside, the Chamber is a big bright flashing spot on the Playa. The floor inside, covered with astroturf, invites visitors to lay-down and meditate. The strobe lights are attached to the exterior scaffolding structure through the plastic. Strobe lights frequency is defined by motion sensors that record the activity inside the Chamber. Video cameras record images from inside the Chamber and send the signal to Reorient's video matrix. The result is projected onto Reorient's dome.

This multisensory installation is a place to rest and meditate. Inspirations for the Chamber of Her Brightest Secrets are mostly architectural. They include the Basilica in Venice, Italy, Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, gasometers and the Mongolian yurt.

Used as an element of Dandelion for Reorient at Burning Man 2003, images from the video camera(s) inside the Chamber will be projected onto the dome resulting in two big flashing spots, one displaying the inside of the other.

Surface (square feet): TBA
Overall dimensions (feet): TBA
Material: 4 mil white opaque plastic, duct tape, zip ties, flexible plastic tubes, rope, posts, scaffolding.
Assembly (estimated): 12 hours, 2 persons
Sensors by Cindy Jeffers
People On Hold Cosma 10 MB

Option 1:
In-between Andrea Palladio's in Venice, Italy and a gasometer, the Chamber is built and inflated inside a scaffold structure. It is attached to the scaffolding in many places to make it wind resistant. The door is made of clear vinyl strips hung vertically inside a scaffold module. [sketch 1] [sketch 2]

Option 2:
Many flexible plastic tubes are attached with duct tape on the outside walls of the bubble. Ropes guided by the tubes help straighten the walls while others are attached to the ground and hold the Chamber in place. Posts can be stuck in the ground around the bubble so the exterior walls are only pulled horizontally. [sketch 3]

The light strobes permanently. Strobing frequency varies from 1 flash every 20 seconds to 10 flashes per second depending of the level of activity inside the Chamber. Motion sensors are attached inside on the walls. The more movement inside, the faster the light strobes. The frequency of the light strobe changes the patterns and the colors perceived by the people resting inside with their eyes closed.

Assembly in New York:

Day 1. Scaffolding on the Playa:

Day 2. Door and bubble:

Day 3-4. High wind:

Day 5-6. Interior installation:

Day 7. Dust storm:

Day 8. Leave no trace:

Lessons learned:
- use wind to inflate bubble through a set a valves;
- interactive set-up and video should be plug-and-play;
- attach sensors and cameras inside the box of the fan;
- do not underestimate the weather.

Thanks to Nathan, Jun, Evan, Slackmaster 2000, Rebecca, for bubble assembly and installation, Cindy and Milena for solving the motion sensors puzzle, Michelle and Josh for the video and Leo for overall guidance.
Brain Waves Control

The knowledge that a flickering light can cause mysterious visual hallucinations and alterations in consciousness is something humans have known since the discovery of fire. It must have been knowledge of great value to the ancient shamans and poets, who learned how to use the images in the flames to enhance their magic. Ancient scientists were also intrigued by this phenomenon, and explored its practical applications. In 125 AD Apuleius experimented with a flickering light stimulus produced by the rotation of a potter's wheel, and found it could be used to reveal a type of epilepsy. Around 200 AD Ptolemy noted that when he placed a spinning spoked wheel between an observer and the sun, the flickering of the sunlight though the spokes of the spinning wheel could cause patterns and colors to appear before the eyes of the observer and could produce a feeling of euphoria.

Brain Wave States
Scientists have found the brain produces waves (measured in cycles per second, called Hertz). The four major distinct varieties are:

BETA WAVES (14-100Hz) Most rapid normal waking state associated with alertness, arousal, concentration, cognition and at excessive levels anxiety.

ALPHA WAVES (8-13 Hz) Calm and mentally unfocused the Alpha State seems to be the brainŐs neutral. People who are healthy and not under stress tend to produce a lot of alpha activity. Daydreaming and  meditation states as well as Imagining, and creative visualization occur in Alpha.

THETA WAVES (4-8Hz) Slower, more powerfully rhythmic brain waves. The twilight state between waking and sleep. Often accompanied by unexpected, dreamlike images.

DELTA WAVES (below 4 Hz) Asleep or unconscious, In the delta state our brains are triggered to manufacture important chemicals like, serotonin and release large quantities of healing growth hormones,  that rapidly rebuild overworked or strained muscles.

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