---- 2015
1115 HeptaLink, Hong Kong

09-11 Wolf+Lamb, NY

---- 2014
---- 2013

1003-25 Tournament, NY

08 AirShipOne, NV

0610 Starfish, NY
0525-0818 Nexxt, NJ
0307 Bracelet SxSW, TX
---- 2012

11-12 Rafale, LA

10 RRC, NJ
0914 Wolf+Lamb, NYC
0825 Drop, BRC
06 ACR, NJ
05 Country Club, NY
05 BLB, NY
0419 Blue Man Group

0308 Cockpit SxSW

0308 Starfish SxSW

0303 GT Blow, NYC

0101 Starfish, NYC
---- 2011
0830 Drop, BRC
0830 Cuddlefish, BRC
0806 Cuddlefish, Hamptons

0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

---- 2010
1201 Drop, Miami
1023 RRC Show, NJ
1009 StarFish PDF, DE
0915 Blow LV, CA
0901 Drop, Nevada
0901 CuddleFish, NV
0718 Secret Garden, UK
0704 CuddleFish, PEX
0619 Opulent Temple, NYC

0612 Figment, NYC

0320 Matelasse, NYC
---- 2009
---- 2008
---- 2007
---- 2006
---- 2005
---- 2004
---- 2003
---- 2002
---- 2001

Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Get your own inflatable

Ironing Make it yourself
I know how you feel. After seeing those whimsical structures on AKAirways you want one for yourself. I recommend making your own. It took me six years to finally start making inflatables after I experienced my first in New York. I felt confident that I could build such a structure but I didn't know where to start.

Let AKAirways help you
Ironing We like to share our passion and to inspire others to create inflatables. The best place to get answwers to your questions is on our forum: The Bubble. Additionally, there is pedagogic layer built into AKAirways.com. Use it as a guide to create your own inflatable structures. On most pages you will find close-ups of bubblists at work. Study those images, they were taken while we create inflatables. They are heuristic tools. Replicate our gestures and you will get similar results. Additionally, the "how to" page includes a description of bubble-making that will help you get started. Time-lapse movies such as The Making of Ledusoid 2 will show you how we make inflatables. Watching others working is always fun!

Ironing Get an original AKAirways
If after a few trials you want to get to the next level, we'll be happy to help you. Contact us for prices and availability of AKAirways works.


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