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0308 Starfish SxSW

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0101 Starfish, NYC
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0806 Cuddlefish, Hamptons

0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

---- 2010
1201 Drop, Miami
1023 RRC Show, NJ
1009 StarFish PDF, DE
0915 Blow LV, CA
0901 Drop, Nevada
0901 CuddleFish, NV
0718 Secret Garden, UK
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0612 Figment, NYC

0320 Matelasse, NYC
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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Eight for Disorient

Event: AiRporT
Venue: Lunatarium (DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York)
Date: 20020111

Two intersecting toruses with a column in the center of each. The structure forms the numeral 8. See a drawing of this shape in Lunatarium Sketches. The structure is lit by colored lights and video projection.

Surface (square feet): 1300
Dimensions (feet): 32 x 48
Material: 4 mil white plastic
Assembly time: 5 hours (1 person)

Technical notes:
I was planning on sealing together the top and bottom holes of the structure around each column but during the first inflation I was happily surprised by the contrast between the white plastic and the brick columns. The remaining space between the top part of the structure and the column was not big enough to deflate the structure and at the bottom, the air was trapped by the outside of the structure itself which, with its weight, created a sealed ring on the floor. I think it would have been possible to cut the plastic covering the seats without deflating the structure.

Work remaining after the first inflation should not be underestimated. There was still a good hour of work repositioning the incoming air hole, reenforcing the entrance with several layers of plastic and a handle made of duct tape, finding a way to tighten the structure in the middle to accentuate the shape (I did that with a cord but I wish I had used a 2-inch diameter tube), etc.

The space (3:30pm):

The material (4:20pm):

First inflation (7:40pm):

The party (10:30pm - 4:00am):

More pictures of the party.

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