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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.


Event: (don't go) HOME ALONE
Venue: Private loft (West Village, New York)
Date: 20020214

One heart-shaped inflatable cut in an existing rectangular structure lit from the outside by red lights with padded floor.

Dimensions (feet): 14 x 18
Material: 4 mil white plastic
Assembly time: 3 hours including 2 hours of patching (1 person)

Notes on reusing and recycling:
- No purchase of new material.
- Easier to cut the shape once the two surfaces are sealed.
- Less clean seal due to folds in existing structure.
- The structure is never new.

Notes on inside and outside:
I am usually obsessed with the details but I notice that at night, in the context of a party where the senses are skewed (dark, loud, etc.) it doesn't matter if there is an unwanted fold here and there, what is important is how the space feels. It is more about comfort and general atmosphere than it is about visual details.

The opacity of the white plastic makes the shape more present than with the transparent plastic. Transparent structures work better from the outside (they have the quality of an aquarium) than the opaque ones do.

The inside of the structure is often more interesting than the outside. The shape of the heart was not recognizable, it just looked like a blob but once inside the sensation of being in a safe and intimate space, totally disconnected from the rest of the party was overwhelming. I think this is due in large part to the fact that the entire field of vision is occupied by the inflatable walls (more on this subject in Inflatable Life). Therefore the space should be conceived with the interior in mind rather than the exterior unless there is a way to view the shape from above or below.

Cutting the heart in the rectangle:


Inside during the party:

More pictures of the party.

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