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0101 Starfish, NYC
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0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

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1201 Drop, Miami
1023 RRC Show, NJ
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Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

Motorhome for Burning Man 2002

Sketches for integration of motorhomes with inflatables for the Disorient Camp at Burning Man 2002. Issues: resistance to wind and weather in general.

Cool Bubble
An inflatable between three motorhomes.

Overall dimensions (feet): 30 x 40
Material: 4 mil transparent and white plastic
Assembly time (estimated): 3 hours, 1 person

An inflatable inside a motorhome inside an inflatable.

Overall dimensions (feet): 50 x 32
Material: 4 mil transparent plastic
Assembly time (estimated): 8 hours

Two connected inflatable structure on the roof of a motorhome.

One inflatable structure surrounding the back of the motorhome with an optional indide connection through 2 windows.

One inflatable structure between two motorhomes. Good wind resistance.

Three motorhomes used as anchors to reduce wind impact on the structure.

Motorhomes are used as DJ booths reducing the contact of the equipment with dust. Visual connection between the inside of the motorhomes and the inside of the inflatable induces participation between the several spaces.

Video is projected from every motorhome onto the opposite wall of the hexagon and/or on the ceiling. Three overlapping video projections of the same image on the ceiling provides kaleidoscopic effect.

Surface (square feet): 3000
Overall dimensions (feet): 60 x 60
Material: 4 mil plastic
Assembly time (estimated): 10 hours (5 persons)

Worm: an overall structure for the camp.
Worm uses the modular concept of the link. Each link is made of circular connected inflatable structures of different sizes held between "clamps". Each clamp is made of heavy objects such as motorhomes, cars and scaffoldings. The stretched fabric between the different rooms of the structure (in red) serves both as a constrictor between two inflatable structures augmenting the contained feeling of each "room" and as a fastener between the inflatables and the clamp. Both the heavy elements and the stretched fabric help protect the inflatable components from the wind.

All along the Worm, links are left open to provide navigation between both sides. Links are autonomous and part of a whole at the same time. Different atmosphere can be created through lights, projections and sound coming from the cars and motorhomes. Newcomers can be easily "pluged-in." The only requirement is not to close a link so the entire structure remains explorable from the inside like a big ride. Disorientation garanteed.

An overall structure for Disorient.

Eleven motorhomes inside one circular inflatable structure. The inside is very disorienting because of the symetry of the installation.

The entire installation is a very large version of Firmament. Firmament lights (orange?) are installed on the roof and on the back of each motorhome illuminating both the roof and the side of the inflatable structure. The dome is in the center, video is projected from every motorhome onto its surface creating a 360 degree immersive video. Sub-camps with sub-themes are organized in the eleven spaces between the RVs.

On the last day the fans are inverted, after the vaccum is created all the motorhome leave at the same time wrecking the structure apart.

Surface (square feet): 11500
Overall dimensions (feet): 120 x 120
Material: 4 mil transparent plastic
Assembly time (estimated): 20 hours (20 persons)

- Disorient 2002 Camp Design
- Inflatable Disorient
- Country Coach

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