---- 2015
1115 HeptaLink, Hong Kong

09-11 Wolf+Lamb, NY

---- 2014
---- 2013

1003-25 Tournament, NY

08 AirShipOne, NV

0610 Starfish, NY
0525-0818 Nexxt, NJ
0307 Bracelet SxSW, TX
---- 2012

11-12 Rafale, LA

10 RRC, NJ
0914 Wolf+Lamb, NYC
0825 Drop, BRC
06 ACR, NJ
05 Country Club, NY
05 BLB, NY
0419 Blue Man Group

0308 Cockpit SxSW

0308 Starfish SxSW

0303 GT Blow, NYC

0101 Starfish, NYC
---- 2011
0830 Drop, BRC
0830 Cuddlefish, BRC
0806 Cuddlefish, Hamptons

0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

---- 2010
1201 Drop, Miami
1023 RRC Show, NJ
1009 StarFish PDF, DE
0915 Blow LV, CA
0901 Drop, Nevada
0901 CuddleFish, NV
0718 Secret Garden, UK
0704 CuddleFish, PEX
0619 Opulent Temple, NYC

0612 Figment, NYC

0320 Matelasse, NYC
---- 2009
---- 2008
---- 2007
---- 2006
---- 2005
---- 2004
---- 2003
---- 2002
---- 2001

Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.

AKAirways is an art group based in New York City. Our focus is sculpture/installation. The inflatable objects and environments that we create are the central components of our installations. We call it "performance-sculpture."

Our work has been presented in a variety of contexts, from the Museum of Modern Art to underground raves, from NASA to the Whitney Biennale, from the sandy beaches of Brazil to warehouses in Shanghai. We are interested in kinesis, collaboration, DIY, modularity and open-source.

Our installations transform spaces and each create a dynamic focal point of energy. They are transient and ephemeral, dependent on interaction and engage the environment in which they are deployed. Dynamic works, constantly changing and evolving.

Works are installed with the intent of interacting with or complementing other works and spaces; be good neighbors. AKAirways aims to inspire and unlock the potential of the audience by turning its members into collaborators, to promote the creative process in which there is always an ongoing experiment. Playing, learning, sharing, and collaborating.

Simple gestures, accessible techniques and elegant hacks are the ingredients of AKAirways' swiftly deployable installations. You can contact AKAirways to rent or own an inflatable installation but we hope to inspire you, through the documentation of our projects, to give it a shot and do it yourself.

Inflatables can be installed anywhere and configured to any space. Nomadic: works travel to and are influenced by disparate environments. Mobility: AKAirways is not limited by geography, audience, collaborators or installation sites.

There is no one correct way for any piece to be displayed. AKAirways challenges fixed concepts of visual expression, workflow and development processes. We dream of a multiverse in which ideas are explored, shared openly and constantly refined.

Welcome to AKAirways!


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- we're especially loving AK Airways' 22'-by-22' inflatable bracelet sparkling with LEDs The Newark Museum celebrates its 100th birthday with a 100-hour party. Head west, young man by Grace Smith. Time Out New York/Issue 707. Apr. 16/22, 2009
- Works From New Talent Seeking a Boldface Name by Benjamin Genocchio. New York Times. Mar. 8, 2009
- Arts festival awakens sleepy Governors Island by Amy Zimmer. Metro. Jun. 9, 2007
- the strangest sight on Sunday may be the giant inflatable starfish tethered to a tree. Ferrying Creative Impulses Across New York Harbor by Melena Ryzik. New York Times. Jun. 6, 2007 (pdf)
- Was this a mudless terrain of prehistorical sludge or an outer-space settlement? Slithering Through a Shadowy, Unknown World by Jennifer Dunning. New York Times. Oct. 5, 2006
- Blow Up. Club System International. May 2005
- Anakin Koenig interview by Daijetmiu. Not A Rag. June 2004

- All you need to know about fans on Electronics Cooling


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