---- 2015
1115 HeptaLink, Hong Kong

09-11 Wolf+Lamb, NY

---- 2014
---- 2013

1003-25 Tournament, NY

08 AirShipOne, NV

0610 Starfish, NY
0525-0818 Nexxt, NJ
0307 Bracelet SxSW, TX
---- 2012

11-12 Rafale, LA

10 RRC, NJ
0914 Wolf+Lamb, NYC
0825 Drop, BRC
06 ACR, NJ
05 Country Club, NY
05 BLB, NY
0419 Blue Man Group

0308 Cockpit SxSW

0308 Starfish SxSW

0303 GT Blow, NYC

0101 Starfish, NYC
---- 2011
0830 Drop, BRC
0830 Cuddlefish, BRC
0806 Cuddlefish, Hamptons

0310 Cuddlefish SxSW

---- 2010
1201 Drop, Miami
1023 RRC Show, NJ
1009 StarFish PDF, DE
0915 Blow LV, CA
0901 Drop, Nevada
0901 CuddleFish, NV
0718 Secret Garden, UK
0704 CuddleFish, PEX
0619 Opulent Temple, NYC

0612 Figment, NYC

0320 Matelasse, NYC
---- 2009
---- 2008
---- 2007
---- 2006
---- 2005
---- 2004
---- 2003
---- 2002
---- 2001

Texts & Drawings

Note: Dimensions are approximate.


Inflatable spaces allow for many collaborative opportunities during planning, construction and implementation.

Many projects (Atomic Temple, Rhizome, Atomic Sky, the Mothership, etc.) were made in collaboration with Leo Villareal. Inflatable environments can be used as big reflectors. They are especially suited for projections and sequenced lighting, Leo's main interest.

Pierre Huyghe contacted AKAirways to help him create a penguin interview station. Pierre then took the inflatable structure to Antartica for the film "The Journey That Wasn't" selected at the 2006 Whitney Biennial.

Christine Ritok started collaborating with AKAirways as Exhibition Manager in 2006. Her self-assigned role is to select and reach out to potential venues, exhibitions and competitions in line with AKAirways philosophy.

Ouroboros was created in collaboration with Teddy Lo. Teddy's LED panels were set inside the inflatable structure.

Granular was made to present video projections by Forward Motion Theater.

Streched Fabric is a project in collaboration with Jamin Murphy who specializes in streched fabric and fluo-deco.

The Mothership is a shell for several installations. It was conceived as a series of interconnected chambers that each hosted one or several installations. More than 40 individuals were involved in bringing the Mothership to life and back.

phaseone.gifCocoon 02 and the Chamber include sensors and control boards designed by Cindy Jeffers and Milena Iossifova. The data gathered from this set-up links to Max patched programmed by Josh Goldberg and used to control video content.

Dancefloor 01 is a shell that hosted DJs, VJs and performers from the Disorient collective.

Add your name to the list! Contact us and let's discuss how we can make more people happy.

Collaborators include:
Leo "Blinky" Villareal
Nicholas "The Bass" Butterworth
Pierre Huyghe
Walt "Dough" Smith
Christine Ritok
Nicole Ganz
Matthew Stines
Scott "Spot" Draves
Teddy "Daijetmiu" Lo
Michael "Lowroad" Byrnes
Josh "Jaygo" Goldberg
Orion "Selectricks" Keyser
Chris "SeeJ" Jordan (seeJ)
Jeff Dachis (Studioholdings)
Marc "Trouble" Scarpa
James Healy (the Agriculture)
Adeo Ressi
Milena Iossifova
Cindy Jeffers
Forward Motion Theater
Amy "Whiteheat" Whitehouse
Ben (Light-o-Matic)
Ranger Neuron
Ranger Panda
Guillaume Clave
Steve Wyeth
Angelica Torn
The Eye
The $industrial $yndicate

and the Iron Maidens:
Cheryl Harmeling
Matt Patane
Michael Enslow
Jan Van Pak
Denise Stoot
Evan Graj (Nightfiles)
Jason "1969" Silverio
John "West Side" Cornyn
Julien Matsushita (Nightfiles)
Michael Greenberg
Michele "Red" Scheafer
Nathan "Deepness" Guisinger
Sean K
Vincent Huang

Inflatable factory

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